Christopher O. banks




The package I’m offering includes everything you’ll need. When we’re finished shooting, I’ll give you a CD containing all the images formatted like a web page, so you’ll be able to load it on any web browser. Once you’ve made your final selections, I’ll retouch your choices and prep them for mass reproduction at any repro house or lab...or even your own photo printer! I’ll also prepare those same files in a smaller version for you to use on a web site or to email out.

Making your final choice is going to be hard, and it should be. While some photographers operate on the assumption that you only need 1 good image, I vehemently disagree! You’re spending your hard earned money for this shoot, and it’s my goal to give you as many options as possible to accommodate different needs in the future. Ask me about other marketing ideas to help you increase your exposure!

How much does it cost, and what’s included?

$250 includes

2 unique looks (100+ images)

CD containing a gallery view of your shoot

Expert retouching of any 2 images

Repro-ready digital files in color and black & white

Website/Email friendly versions of your choices

20% Discount for Students and Actors Center Members